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Hockey is a sport that is very tough to navigate through the youth and teen ages for families. Ultimately, guardians of the youth player need to make the best decision possible for their player to grow in the sport. Not only do they need to make an educated decision, there needs to be knowledge with that decision on recruitment information, schooling requirements, hockey league opportunities, and more. Below is more information on what the player and family would benefit to ultimately achieve our highest goals as an individual hockey player.

Hockey Next Steps

What is the best option for my player this coming year? Three years down the road? Lets make a detailed plan regarding next steps, training within that plan, and accomplish an end goal that they player and family share. 


The family and player will get to experience our staffs best in class network to ultimately have the opportunity to be at the highest level possible. Opportunities will arise for the taking.

NCAA Eligibility

One wrong uneducated decision results in your players NCAA sport eligibility to be lost. Guidance in this is vital as there is no other sport that has the finite rules and regulations that are required to be followed prior to your NCAA experience.

Statistical Analytics

Using a state-of-the-art program, the player will receive detailed in-game analytics using statistics, video breakdown, and years of statistical data to achieve the highest potential on the ice.

School Requirements - NCAA

Once the player is in high school, every schooling decision in that 4 year plan matters. There are requirements that differ in each NCAA institution that are mandatory to achieve such as: credit amount, specific classes completed, ACT Score, SAT Score, etc. 

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What Our Clients Say

Nancy Spaulding, U15 AAA

Ryan did an amazing job of breaking down the best path for Parker. We've gotten a bunch of information thrown at us over the years and this was by far the easiest and most informative experience so far. Thank you Ryan!!!

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